BBC Radio Collection* Series of Reissues

These are great times, folks! BBC has been reissuing Goon Shows since 1988, although the pace has slowed in recent years. There are c. three dozen double-CD (i.e., four-show) sets and 13 "compendiums" that package half the shows of a series in chronological order. And what is truly exciting is that they are completely reconstituted and remastered by free-lance sound engineer/genius Ted Kendall. Kendall has gone back to all available sources to create shows that contain all the possible lines cut by the various producers of the various versions previously broadcast--UK original, Transcription Service version, Transcription Service Reissue series version, and more. In many cases he brings us shows that are more complete than ever heard before.

The only problem is that Old Auntie has been wildly inconsistent in formats and naming conventions for the series. Consider this:

  • Titles: The first release was titled simply "Goon Show Classics." Then came Goon Show Classics 2 through 8. Then they switched to names instead of numbers. The next four, which would have been 9-12, were instead called "Goon Show Classics: '[installment title].'" After that the word "Classics" was dropped, and subsequent sets have been titled "The Goon Show: '[installment title].'" Goon Show Classics 1-10 were originally released as shows not restored by Kendall, just redubs (and not always particularly well done redubs) of existing tapes. Later, Kendall went back and restored this series.

  • Formats: The first ten were released in England in double-cassette format only. But in Australia they were released on double-CDs. The edits were the same, but the sound quality of the CDs was in general better, with the CD version ranging from slightly to substantially superior to cassette in most cases.

*In 2010, BBC turned production of these reissues over to AudioGo Ltd., which picked up the series of double-CD reissues with Series Four, Part One (named out of the usual pattern, which then picked up with Vol. 28; see list below), and the compendium series starting with Volume Six. However, AudioGo went bankrupt in the fall of 2013, and production of Goon Show reissues was turned over to Penguin-Random House.

The Goon Show: Moriarty, where are you? (ZBBC 1864 / ZBBC 1864 CD, 1996) [previously Goon Show Classics 1; ZBBC 1007, 1988]

  • 5/3--The Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler of Bexhill-on-Sea
  • 7/25--The Histories of Pliny the Elder
  • 6/19--The Jet-Propelled Guided NAAFI
  • 8/25--The Evils of Bushey Spon
The Goon Show: Enter, Bluebottle . . . (ZBBC 1865 / ZBBC 1865 CD, 1996) [previously Goon Show Classics 2; ZBBC 1016, 1988]
  • 5/7--Lurgi Strikes Britain
  • 6/9--The International Christmas Pudding
  • 6/4--Napoleon's Piano
  • 7/12--The Flea
The Goon Show: I'm walking backwards for Christmas (ZBBC 1866 / ZBBC 1866 CD, 1996) [previously Goon Show Classics 3; ZBBC 1047, 1989]
  • 6/24--The Treasure of Loch Lomond
  • 6/14--The Greenslade Story
  • 7/15--Wings Over Dagenham
  • 7/16--The Rent Collectors
The Goon Show: My knees have fallen off! (ZBBC 1867 / ZBBC 1867 CD, 1996) [previously Goon Show Classics 4; ZBBC 1048, 1989]
  • 8/21--The Man Who Never Was
  • 6/5--The Missing CD Plates
  • 8/22--World War I
  • 7/1--The Nasty Affair at the Burami Oasis
The Goon Show: And there's more where that came from! (ZBBC 1868 / ZBBC 1868 CD, 1996) [previously Goon Show Classics 5; ZBBC 1133, 1990]
  • 9/12--The Call of the West
  • 10/6--The Last Smoking Seagoon
  • 5/15--1985 [beware that liner notes say that this is the show first broadcast 2/8/55. WRONG. That show would be 5/20. This is 5/15, the first version (without John Snagge), which aired 1/4/55.]
  • 7/17--Shifting Sands
The Goon Show: Have a gorilla (ZBBC 1869 / ZBBC 1869 CD, 1996) [previously Goon Show Classics 6; ZBBC 1149, 1991]
  • 6/6--Rommel's Treasure
  • 7/23--Ill Met by Goonlight
  • 9/2--I Was Monty's Treble
  • 9/7--The Seagoon Memoirs
The Goon Show: Ying Tong iddle-i po! (ZBBC 1870 / ZBBC 1870 CD, 1997) [previously Goon Show Classics 7; ZBBC 1236, 1991]
  • 5/1--The Whistling Spy Enigma
  • 5/5--The Affair of the Lone Banana
  • 6/23--The Great Tuscan Salami Scandal
  • 6/26--Scradje
The Goon Show: You have deaded me again (ZBBC 1871 / ZBBC 1871 CD, 1997) [previously Goon Show Classics 8; ZBBC 1334, 1992]
  • 4/23--The Greatest Mountain in the World
  • 5/8--The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (solved)
  • 5/9--The Last Tram (from Clapham)
  • 5/11--The Spanish Suitcase
Goon Show Classics: What time is it, Eccles? (ZBBC 1887 / ZBBC 1887 CD, 1997 [previously Goon Show Classics 9; ZBBC 1406; 1992]
  • 5/18--Under Two Floorboards
  • 5/21--The Sinking of Westminster Pier
  • 5/24--Yehti
  • 7/19--The Mysterious Punch-up-the-Conker
The Goon Show: You can't get the wood, you know (ZBBC 1978 / ZBBC 1978 CD, 1997) [previously Goon Show Classics 10; ZBBC 1513, 1993]
  • 5/25--The White Box of Great Bardfield
  • 6/18--Tales of Montmartre
  • 7/7--The Great Bank Robbery
  • 7/9--The Mystery of the Fake Neddie Seagoons

Goon Show Classics [11]: He's fallen in the water* (ZBBC 1602, 1994, or ZBBC 1602 CD, 1995)

  • 8/16--The String Robberies
  • 8/19--The White Neddie Trade
  • 8/23--The Spon Plague
  • 9/5--The Mountain Eaters

Goon Show Classics [12]: Shut Up, Eccles! (ZBBC 1725 / ZBBC 1725 CD, 1995)

  • 5/4--The Phantom Head Shaver of Brighton
  • 6/3--The Lost Emperor
  • 7/2--Drums Along the Mersey
  • V/1--The Mummified Priest
The Goon Show [13]: It's all in the mind, you know! (ZBBC 1892 / ZBBC 1892 CD, 1996)
  • 8/17--The Moriarty Murder Mystery
  • 8/10--King Solomon's Mines
  • 9/3--The £1,000,000 Penny
  • V/6--The Vanishing Room
The Goon Show [14]: Needle Nardle Noo (ZBBC 2115 / ZBBC 2115 CD, 1998)
  • 9/6--The Childe Harolde Reward
  • 9/8--Queen Anne's Rain
  • 9/9--The Battle of Spion Kop
  • 9/16--The Gold Plate Robbery
The Goon Show [15]: The Goons at Christmas (ZBBC 2194 / ZBBC 2194 CD, 1998)
  • 5/14--Ye Bandit of Sherwood Forest
  • 6/16--The Mighty Wurlitzer
  • 7/SP--Operation Christmas Duff
  • 10/1--A Christmas Carol
The Goon Show, vol. 16: Goons and Guests (ISBN 0563 558237 [cass] / 0563-558849 [CD], 1999)
  • 8/1--Spon
  • 8/18--The Curse of Frankenstein
  • 9/11--The Spy, or Who Is Pink Oboe?
  • 9/17--The £50 Cure
The Goon Show, vol. 17: The Silent Bugler (ISBN 0563 552875 [cass] / 0563 552921 [CD], 1999)
  • V/10--The Silent Bugler
  • 7/SP--The Reason Why
  • 8/5--The Treasure in the Tower
  • 8/13--The Plasticine Man
The Goon Show, vol. 18: And More Guests (ISBN 0563 553375 [cass] / 563 55342 [CD], 2000)
  • 8/14--African Incident
  • 8/24--Tiddleywinks
  • V/4--The Giant Bombardon
  • 9/15--The Tay Bridge
The Goon Show, vol. 19: Ned's Atomic Dustbin (ISBN 0563 535466 [cass] / 0563-53547-4 [CD], 2001)
  • 6/10--The Pevensey Bay Disaster
  • 7/5--The Spectre of Tintagel
  • 6/8--Shangri-La Again
  • 9/10--Ned's Atomic Dustbin
The Goon Show, vol. 20: The Fear of Wages (ISBN 0-563- 53628-4 [cass] / 0-563-53629-2 [CD], 2002)
  • 6/25--The Fear of Wages
  • 7/3--The Nadger Plague
  • 8/12--The Great British Revolution
  • 9/1--The Sahara Desert Statue
The Goon Show, vol. 21: The Missing Battleship (ISBN 0563 494786 [cass] / 0563494794 [CD], 2003)
  • 8/2--The Junk Affair
  • 8/3--The Burning Embassy
  • 8/8--The Missing Battleship
  • 8/20--Ten Snowballs That Shook the World
The Goon Show, vol. 22: The Booted Gorilla (ISBN 0-563-52466-9 [CD], 2004)
  • 5/10--The Booted Gorilla
  • 6/11--The Sale of Manhattan
  • 6/22--The Choking Horror
  • V/7--The Ink Shortage
The Goon Show, vol. 23: The Collapse of the British Railway Sandwich System (ISBN 0-563-52797-8 [CD], 2005)
  • 4/24--The Collapse of the British Railway Sandwich System
  • 5/2--The Lost Gold Mine (of Charlotte)
  • 5/6--The Canal
  • 6/20--The House of Teeth
The Goon Show, vol. 24: The Case of the Missing Heir (ISBN 1-8460-7194-1) [CD], 2006)
  • 5/16--The Case of the Missing Heir
  • 6/2--The Secret Escritoire
  • V/12--The Dreaded Piano Clubber
  • 9/4--The Pam's Paper Insurance Policy
The Goon Show, vol. 25: The Internal Mountain (ISBN 978 1 1405 677721) [CD], 2008
  • 5/22--Fireball of Milton Street
  • 5/26--The End (Confessions of a Secret Senna-Pods Drinker)
  • 6/12--The Terrible Revenge of Fred Fu-Manchu
  • V/9--The Internal Mountain
The Goon Show, vol. 26: Bank Statement no. 349 (ISBN 978 1 408 41045) [CD], 2009
  • 6/13--The Lost Year
  • V/11--The Great Bank of England Robbery
  • V/13--The Siege of Fort Night
  • 10/3--The Chinese Legs
The Goon Show, vol. 27: Check the Yuckabakaka Gauges! (ISBN 978 1 408 427279) [CD], 2010
  • V/2--The Greatest Mountain in the World
  • V/5--The Kippered Herring Gang
  • V/14--The Albert Memorial
  • 10/4--Robin's Post
The Goon Show--Series Four, Part One (ISBN 978 1 408 46771 8) [CD], 2010
[Production now assumed by AudioGo, Ltd.]
  • 4/18--The History of Communications/The Siege of Khartoum
  • 4/20--The Expedition for Toothpaste
  • 4/26--Western Story 'Drain'
  • 4/29--The Great Bank of England Robbery
The Goon Show, vol. 28: The Indigestion Waltz (ISBN 978 1 4084 6855 5) [CD], 2011
  • 8/4--The Great Regent's Park Swim
  • 8/6--The Space Age
  • 8/9--The Policy
  • 8/11--The Stolen Postman
Goon Show Classics*, vol. 1 (Vintage Beeb) (ISBN 978-1408470572) [CD], 2012
  • 7/25--The Histories of Pliny the Elder
  • 5/3--The Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler of Bexhill-on-Sea
    (*Yes, the "Goon Show Classics" label has been used before ([see above], and both these shows have already been issued in Ted Kendall restorations, even though the blurb states clearly that they're "now on CD for the first time ever." This is in fact a reissue of an early BBC LP, using the same cover.)
The Goon Show, vol. 29: We're in the Wrong House Again! (978-1445861067) [CD], 2012
  • 8/15--The Thing on the Mountain
  • V/8--The Collapse of the British Rail Sandwich System [aka The Mustard and Cress Shortage]
  • 8/26--The Great Statue Debate
  • 10/5--The Silver Dubloons
The Goon Show, vol. 30: Well Known in Concentric Circles (978-1471331305) [CD], 2013
  • 5/12--Dishonoured, or the Fall of Neddie Seagoon
  • 5/3--The Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler (of Bexhill-on-Sea)
  • 6/15--The Hastings Flyer--Robbed
  • 6/SP--China Story
The Goon Show, vol. 31 (978-1785290695) [CD], 2015
  • 4/SP--The Starlings
  • 5/19--The Missing Scroll
  • 5/20--1985
  • 6/1--The Man Who Won the War
The Goon Show, vol. 32 (978-1785296024) [CD], 2017
  • 5/13--Forog
  • 5/23--The Six Ingots of Leadenhall Street
  • 9/14--The Scarlet Capsule
  • 10/2--The Tale of Men's Shirts
The Goon Show, vol. 33 due out 3 May 2018
  • 6/7--Foiled by President Fred
  • 7/8--Personal Narrative
  • 7/21--Round the World in Eighty Days
  • 7/25--The Missing Boa Constrictor
The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 1 (Series 5, Part 1) (ISBN 978-1-4056-7800-1) [CD], 2008

    The Compendium series presents the episodes in chronological order of broadcast date. Includes The Whistling Spy Enigma, The Lost Gold Mine (of Charlotte), The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler (of Bexhill-on-Sea), The Phantom Head Shaver (of Brighton), The Affair of the Lone Banana, The Canal, Lurgi Strikes Britain! (aka Lurgi Strikes Again), The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (solved), The Last Tram (from Clapham), The Booted Gorilla (found?), The Spanish Suitcase, Dishonoured or The Fall of Neddie Seagoon and Forog.

    Also featured are some rare archive bonus items including out-takes and the programme Me and My Shadows: Peter Sellers. Two illustrated booklets tell the story of the show's development with reference to original archive paperwork, plus the history of the recordings themselves.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 2 (Series 5, Part 2) (ISBN 978-1-4056-8774-4) [CD], 2009

    This volume includes Ye Bandit of Sherwood Forest, Nineteen Eighty-Five, The Case of the Missing Heir, Under Two Floorboards, The Missing Scroll, Nineteen Eighty-Five (remake), The Sinking of Westminster Pier, The Fireball of Milton Street, The Six Ingots of Leadenhall Street, Yehti, The White Box of Great Bardfield and The End.

    Also featured are some rare archive bonus items, including the unbroadcast and previously unreleased version of The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler (of Bexhill-on-Sea).

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 3 (Series 6, Part 1) (ISBN 978-1-4084-1044-8) [CD], 2009

    Includes The Man Who Won the War, The Secret Escritoire, The Lost Emperor, Napoleon's Piano, The Case of the Missing CD Plates, Rommel's Treasure, Foiled by President Fred, Shangri-La Again, The International Christmas Pudding, The Pevensey Bay Disaster, The Sale of Manhattan (aka The Lost Colony), and The Terrible Revenge of Fred Fu-Manchu, The Lost Year, and The Greenslade Story, plus bonus archive items.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 4 (Series 6, Part 2) (ISBN 978-1-4084-1046-2) [CD], 2010

    Includes The Hastings Flyer--Robbed, The Mighty Wurlitzer, The Raid of the International Christmas Pudding, The Tales of Montmartre, The Jet-Propelled Guided NAAFI, The House of Teeth, The Choking Horror, The Great Tuscan Salami Scandal, The Treasure in the Lake (aka The Treasure of Loch Lomond), Fear of Wages, Scradje, The Man Who Never Was, and China Story. In addition, there's The Goons Hit Wales (a special live St David's Day performance from 1956) and some rare archive bonus items, including Harry Secombe in The Laughtermakers.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 5 (Series 7, Part 1) (ISBN 978-140842728-6) [CD], 2010
    Includes eleven of the first thirteen shows of the Seventh Series (EMI, not BBC, owns the rights to 7/4 and 7/13) plus a special, Operation Christmas Duff. Among the many bonus items are "Curiouser and Curiouser," an anthology of Anglo-American off-beat humour; and the cast rehearsal for The Nasty Affair at the Burami Oasis.
The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 6 (Series 7, Part 2) (ISBN 978-1-4084-6854-8) [CD], 2011
[Production now assumed by AudioGo, Ltd.]
    Includes eleven of the last twelve shows of the Seventh Series (EMI, not BBC, owns the rights to 7/21, "Insurance, the White Man's Burden") and "The Reason Why," a special broadcast between the 7th and 8th series. Bonus items include Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war on Germany in 1939 [you might ask why, which is a darned good question].

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 7 (Series 8, Part 1) -- (ISBN 978-144589133-0) [CD], 2012

    Includes fourteen of the first fifteen shows of the 8th Series (EMI, not BBC, owns the rights to 8/7, "The Red Fort").

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 8 (Series 8, Part 2) -- (ISBN 978-1-4456-2560-1) [CD], 2012

    Includes the rest of the Eighth Series, the last of which, 8/26 "The Great Statute Debate," is presented as the entire original studio recording before edits were made for broadcast on the Home Service. Bonus items include "The Royal Tiddlywinks Tournament," the BBC report on an event that figures prominently in 8/24, "Tiddlywinks," plus rehearsals for two other shows in the series.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 9 (Vintage Goons) -- (ISBN 978-1-4713-3161-9) [CD], 2014

    Contains 13 of the 14 Goon Shows specially recorded for overseas broadcast in 1957-58, based on scripts from the 4th Series, but extensively rewritten and updated. [Missing is "The Missing 10 Downing Street," to which EMI, not BBC, holds the rights; but you can find it here in the U.S. Archives.] Plus outtakes and rehearsals for shows in the series.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 10 (Series 9, Part 1) -- (ISBN 978-1785290312) [CD], 2015
[Production now assumed by Penguin Random House]

    Contains the first 12 episodes from the 9th Series, broadcast 1958-59, plus three CDs full of various bonus materials: outtakes, rehearsals, pre-show warm-ups, sound effects, and several Goon-related broadcasts and documentaries.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 11 (Series 9, Part 2, and Series 10) -- (ISBN 978-1785291296) [CD], 2015

    Contains the last five episodes of the 9th series and all six episodes of the 10th (and last) series, early Goonish gems such as The GPO Show, The Army Show, The Naughty Navy Show, and all six episodes of the Omar Khayam Show.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 12 -- (ISBN 978-1785294495) [CD], 2016

    Contains 5/17 China Story, 6/7 Foiled By President Fred, 6/21 Tales of Old Dartmoor, 7/4 The MacReekie Rising of '74, 7/SP1 Robin Hood, 7/13 Six Charlies in Search of an Author, 7/21 Insurance, the White Man's Burden, 8/7 The Red Fort, V/3 The Missing Ten Downing Street, The Last Goon Show of All, plus several CDs of bonus items.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 13 -- (ISBN 978-1785298776) [CD], 2017

    Contains the Goon Show's earliest surviving recordings, including episodes 1, 3 and 25 from Series 2, episode 17 from Series 3, and episodes 2, 3 and 15 from Series 4. It also has an extended version of the 1991 documentary At Last the Go On Show" and several CDs of other Goonish arcana.

The Goon Show Compendium, Vol. 14 -- due out 1 November 2018

Where to buy them? In Great Britain, at any record store. In the United States, the Continental Shop in California, which has the BBC and EMI Goon tapes and CDs, also the early Goon films (Zed Men; Mukkinese Battle Horn; Running, Jumping...). They do mail order via credit card, and if you tell them you saw it here, they'll send you a free copy of their comedy catalog (normally $3). But also consider mail-order from the U.K., which could be cheaper.

The Continental Shop
1619 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403
tel. 310-453-8655

For those of you outside Great Britain but within the European Union, there is the BBC World Service Shop at Bush House in London. It takes orders by fax or phone and accepts major international credit cards.

Other stores in England that have web pages and can do mail order via credit card to all corners of the world are HMV and

Beware of the various EMI cassettes and CD reissues of Goon Shows. With few exceptions, they are still recycling the shows they released on LP long ago. These recordings have had the Ellington and Geldray spots and the playout music excised; and even many of the orchestral links have been removed. At first, I thought this had been done to fit the recording on an LP; later, I learned that it was done to avoid paying royalties to composers and musicians!

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