Poor little photographer's model...

Sabrina in
fur Sabrina
playing piano

showing off Girlish

Sabrina Shy

Sabrina--WOW! Cantilevered Sabrina

Sabrina Elegant

Have any of you budding Bluebottles out there wondered why our pimply hero--as well as Major Bloodnok and Ned Seagoon--break out into a hot sweat at the mention of a lady named Sabrina? Have you ever wondered why the Beeb saw fit to delete some references to her in the Goon Show. Have the older of you lost your treasured pinups? Well, seek no more. Here she is!

Sabrina, born Norma Sykes in Stockport, Cheshire, England, had little trouble dominating the pinup scene of 1950s Britain. She was a pretty, dizzy blonde, possessor of a 41 1/2-19-36 figure, famous for little more than her amazingly cantilevered self and her knack for publicity. She was Britain's answer to Jayne Mansfield (or vice versa, depending on your allegiance), a kooky, impossibly top-heavy dish forever pigeonholed as a caricature. Legend has it that she once traveled to Rome to have herself immortalized in a bust--that was when Rome was known for its NINE hills. She proclaimed that she couldn't sing or dance or act, but she didn't really have to -- she played the dumb blonde on British TV's "Before Your Very Eyes." It would be easy to dismiss Sabrina as a ditzy, no-talent bimbo with a physique bordering on the absurd, but that hardly does her justice. She was famous for nothing, and was easily the most noteworthy object in any room into which she floated. Sadly overlooked today, the buxom Sabrina remains near and dear to all those who witnessed her splendor. She was truly a modern Colossus.

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