How to Order Shows from the U.S. Archives

Since the mid-1970s, I have made my extensive collection of Goon Shows* and other shows by and about the Goons available to my fellow herns as the U.S. Archives. The only way I can cope with the demand is to make it as convenient for myself as possible (as you'll see from ordering instructions below). Also, I hope that non-herns will understand that I cannot provide shows outside the United States--unless you can figure out how to send me yankee cash and a return mailer with yankee stamps.

(*Note that 92 of these shows are available on cassette and CD from the BBC Radio Collection. You should get the commercial release of these shows for two good reasons: (a) they'll be of the highest quality and (b) you won't be asking me to be a bootlegger.)

I will record shows for you onto your blank CDs (two shows per CD). To order archive materials, you should send me your blank CDs, a stamped, self-addressed return mailer for same, and instructions as to what shows you want. Please request no more than twenty shows at once.

This being a labor of love, I ask nothing for my time and trouble; however, each show dubbed puts that much wear and tear on a very expensive collection of tape recorders or computer equipment, so please send $1.50 (i.e., one and a half hernbucks) for each show you request--checks should be made out to Dick Baker. Please email me to get the address you should use. Be sure to include your email address with your order so I can contact you if I have any questions.

You Can't Tell the Players without a Program Department: Any half-serious collector should obtain a copy of The Goon Show Companion, by Roger Wilmut and Jimmy Grafton (London: Robson Books, Ltd., 1976, and since reprinted in paperback). Contact the Goon Show Preservation Society, or a local bookstore that can handle overseas orders, or order it online at

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